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Ways To Stand Out As An Artist

Many of the artist i have seen just fail at making themselves look professional. When you look professional it conveys that you are really doing something, and not just hustling. For example, when you go to the store and see a mixtape,cd or anything really that has bad graphics or a horrible logo, you tend not to buy those things. Its a phsychological thing. If it looks bad it must be bad right? It might not be true but thats what it conveys. As an artist you want good graphics and good QUALITY music production. If you fail in either of these categories then people wont take you seriously. You may stand out but not in a good way.

But you may say “It costs too much money to do that”. The thing is yes you are right that it does indeed cost money to get a quality product. But it doesnt always need to be expensive. There are plenty of graphic artist out there that can give you a good deal. You could go to to get what you need at the price you request. With music videos, my advice is if you cant make a good looking music video then don’t do it. It will make you stand out in a bad way. If you make a music video make sure its in HD and the guy knows how to edit. I will make another article on how to make a good music video later.

As for beats, there  are plenty of sites out there. But the majority of them are wack and will not get you noticed. You want QUALITY music that is catchy and just feels good. But again you may ask” Beats are too expensive right?”. Not true at all. You could go to and get QUALITY music for as low as $19.95. Thats for non exclusive beats but those beats will definitely get you noticed. They also have pretty reasonable prices on exclusives. And also they can do graphic work as well. So i recommend if you want to get started off right. Here is the link: www.JuseBeats.Com

Its important that you do not halve step or cut corners. It will just make you look ghetto and unprofessional. Its amazing to me how some artist say i have no money for beats, but they are saying this with brand new Jordan’s on and some nice clothes on. The money they spent on them shoes could have been spent on a QUALITY beat. Its called investing in your future. Surely you can forgo the new sneakers this month to invest in your future. This is the main difference in a artist who stands out and the artist that is just hustling and will never go anywhere. I’m not saying thats you, but these are the people that are out there.

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