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How to make your own FL Studio Template With Icon!

Its pretty simple actually. After you puty sounds and setting together,  save the file in the TEMPLATES folder (usually: Program FilesImage-LineFL Studio 10DataProjectsTemplates).

Next time you open FLStudio 10 go to New From Template

Your file should be part of the list.

Now if your like me your saying, “why dont i have an icon like the rest“? Well if you look in the other template folders, you will notice its not just a file. There are three (The File,Png Pic & Nfo file).

IF you have FLS 8 – 10 – You will be able to add your own custom pic manually. All you have to do is:

1. In templates Create a new FOLDER – Say we call it Juse Template
2. Now save that file in the new Juse Template folder.
3. Create a .nfo File (Its just a new text file and change the extension to .nfo)
4. Open the .nfo file with notepad and add text as follows:


5. Create an ICON that is 64×64 pixels and save as icon.png and add it to the folder.


Now when you start FLStudio you will have your very own icon.

Hope yall llike the tip. Later

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